Call for Proposals

This conference will provide participation opportunities—presentations, papers, and posters—that will appeal to a wide range of educational roles, reflect innovation and cutting edge content, stimulate discussion and audience engagement, demonstrate multimedia approaches to enhance attendee learning, and explore issues important to international audiences.

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Deadline for Submissions

Submit a workshop, Round-table, or poster proposal for peer review. The proposal submission site will remain open from January 4, 2016 till June 1, 2016. Please note: space in the program is limited and earlier submissions will have a greater change of acceptance.

Submission Guidelines

Proposals should be from 300 to 500 words, fit within the parameters outlined below, articulate how feedback and dialogue will be incorporated into the session (in the case of presentations and papers), identify the conference strand that will be addressed, and demonstrate critical thinking and reflective practice. All proposals will be peer-reviewed for acceptance in the conference.

1. Research

Submissions with a research focus should include:

  • Research statement or the statement of the issue being explored,
  • Context,
  • Research method used and the type of data collected, and,
  • Main findings and what they mean for the field of education or society.

Research presentations may be delivered in either a workshop or round-table format. Please refer to the Session Formats section.

2. Practice

Submissions with a practical focus should include:

  • Conceptual framework or previous research upon which the practice is based,
  • Methodology – how the practical application was designed and how it was implemented, and in what context, and
  • Findings and implications for future practice or development of innovative strategies.

Practice presentations may be delivered in either a workshop or round-table format.  Please refer to the Session Formats section.

3. Posters

Poster proposals, which are best for sharing practice-focused work or practical implementation of research findings, should summarize the following information:

  •  Focus of the work being portrayed,
  •  Context of the work,
  •  Practical application of the work/findings, and
  •  Implications for practitioners, researchers, and community members.
Session Formats

Proposals should indicate which of the following formats are most appropriate. (Please indicate first and second choices so that as many proposals as possible can be included in the conference.)

  • Workshop with a single presenter or panel of colleagues—60 minutes that are interactive or include interactive or instructional elements
  • Roundtable featuring 2 separate presentations or papers—20 minutes for each presentation with 20 minutes for discussion and questions. (Conference organizers will group roundtable presenters according to common topics.)
  • Poster presentations of visual displays created by individual presenters
Publication of Participants’ Work

Accepted papers, presentations, and poster displays will be included in an online publication of the conference proceedings.

Submission Website

Please use this site to submit your proposal  Click here

The proposal submission system will open January 4, 2016.  If you attended the 2014 conference or are a KDP member, you will already have an account. If not, you will need to create a guest account. Once you enter the system, click on Calgary Conference Proposals. Please have your submission ready to upload into the system. If you have questions, please call 1-800-284-3167 or email